It’s My Weekend…

I had off yesterday and today, which was much needed after my CRAZY work weekend and full Monday. So I’ve spent the last two days doing things for the wedding. I’ve been so focused on school lately that it was a nice break. I’m determined to pay as little as possible (where “little as possible” is ok) for the decor in the wedding. I got an idea for the cake topper from Etsy and instead of paying the $30 they wanted, I went to Michael’s to hunt down the materials to make it. Here is the *almost* final product. I still have to burn our cursive initials in with a wood burning pen:

If you're a bird I'm a bird...??

I wandered the store for a while. They didn’t have any wood cutouts that are birds. So I went down the dollar aisle and rummaged for awhile and low and behold, found these two little bird ornaments for Christmas. Bingo! I grabbed 3 of them, 1 for insurance. I couldn’t find any wooden rods near the wood, so I wandered aimlessly some more and found them in some other random aisle. First I grabbed the package of 20 for $5 then I saw one big 2 foot rod for $.29. The ornaments were on sale for half off. I paid $2.29 total.

When I got home I unscrewed the ribbon part from the ornament and saved them…so after the wedding I can replace them and use them for our tree. πŸ™‚ I then took a lighter and…went pyro nuts burning them birds. It was tricky because the flame left streaks if I wasn’t careful. I sawed the rod into four pieces using an old (well, now it’s an old one) kitchen knife. Now I just have to write our initials! Here was the project I was aiming for:


I opted for different birds because I liked the look better. I’m the flying one. :o) Don’t worry, I have a backup dove in case a bird busts a balsam tail in transit.

Anywhos, I also found a fairly cheap but cute project for my card box. It’s nice to be able to think about this stuff now. I pretty much have finals left, then I graduate in May.

I’ve also had time to cook. Last week, our class cooked vegetarian meals. Our group had a tofu bell pepper dish and it was soooo good I brought some home to Shane. We loved it so much I cooked it again last nite:


It seems vegetarian is the theme of the week…Shane attended and took pictures for a vegetarian lecture I helped give to seven dozens. Actually, I think Shane might have been one of the seven people. However, the vegetarian streak ends tonight…. I’m cooking chicken fajitas and carbs….gotta load up for the 5k we’re running on Saturday morning! I’m sure I will be passed by pregnant women and strollers again. Toodles.

“We are pleased to inform you…”

Those were the words I read on Sunday night when I logged onto DND on Sunday night. I got my first choice, too. =)

I was pacing around for an hour before. My hands were shaking. Boyfriend was behind me waiting for the screen to pop up. And then I was finally relieved.

My first choice was MSU. I applied to 5 different schools, which I didn’t want to mention before incase you know, people Google’d me. I rearranged my choices a few times. UMDNJ was originally my first choice. But when it came down to it, UMDNJ was $20,000. I don’t have $20,000, and I won’t be able to get financial aid for 20k after we’re married. Sooo, I wasn’t really sure where I was getting that money from. CSE was out of the question for starting the day after my wedding. SJH is tough since Shane works in NY and Aramark was a shot in the dark since I got an interview, but I had no idea how many people applied. So I rearranged accordingly.

So, I am going to be an RD after rearranging my life and I couldn’t be happier. It’s going to be great telling everyone about it at the wedding. Can’t wait to see what June 2013 brings. =)